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Top 5 trends Indian Bridal jewelry

Every bride wants to impress guests with your Bridal jewelry sets and clothing. Below are top 5 trends Indian Bridal jewelry for you to keep up to date with:

Indian Bridal jewelry occupies a very special place in any Indian wedding and it is the dream of all Indian brides to get adorned with the best Jewelry and stunning look. When you think of Indian weddings, the bride dressed up with heavy gold jewelry is the first thing that crosses your mind.

However, trends are rapidly changing as brides are now increasingly self-conscious about their looks and want their jewelry to match perfectly with the dress. This has opened up avenues of new trends for spring.

Diamond is the latest fashion of a bride

Today a bride indiana does not hesitate to wear jewelry with diamonds. Uncut diamond jewelry is trendy. Gold jewelry inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones are also very stylish and can easily match with your wedding dress. They complete the entire look and give a special dimension to the overall appearance. Platinum is a precious metal that is also used these days.

Ethnic in

There are some traditional Indian jewelry as sets and Andrea Meenakari which have become very popular these days. The craftsmanship of these jewels is exquisite and immense skill is needed to create these beautiful works. Another type of traditional jewelry that grabbed your attention is the work of Jadau jewelry. These traditional ornaments have been part of Royal dynasties throughout the country. These ancient and ethnic designs, worn with an equally exquisite traditional dress will make you the center of attraction.

Different jewelry necklaces and earrings

Traditional ornaments like bracelet or band Bajubandh and life or Kamarbandh have also gained popularity these days. As you move back to the history of India that you’ll find bracelets and intricately designed life bands were decorated with Queens and women from Royal dynasties. Nose Piercing has also become very stylish and to add an additional charm, can be worn a Nath or a nose ring. A brace is an essential accessory for a bride. These ornaments with trendy design will add further richness to your look.

Head jewelry

Another piece of ornament that was one piece of jewelry of every bride is a tiara or a Maangtika. This has been a part of Indian brides for a long time and is still an essential part of ornament. Unlike the traditional maangtikas which usually were made of gold, maangtikas are now given a new shape with diamonds and other precious stones.

New designs in Mangalsutra

One thing that will always remain an unavoidable part of Indian Bridal jewelry is the Mangalsutra. This chain with black pearls is a part of almost all Indian marriages. The Mangalsutra which was traditionally long and was made of gold and black pearls has undergone the transformation. Nowadays brides prefer a shorter beaded chain with diamond pendant in the middle.

Since jewels are intrinsic part of all weddings Indians, all jewelry stores have a dedicated line of Indian wedding jewelry.

with traditional as well as contemporary designs. This helps all brides choose the appropriate set of ornament for their special day.

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